Green International Technical Colleges began in 2003 at the CNC Language Center.INC and was promoted to the University on June 23, 2017.
GITC was founded to provide more effective and practical English education and to provide a variety of Korean and advanced education programs to Philippine students as well as to upgrade the original program even more.

The global environment in recent years is undergoing rapid changes.
We are evolving into a society where diverse fields of data utilization are converging in the digital information society.
Our GITC University is also undergoing a new transformation based on its educational achievements. To this end, GITC University focuses on the development of specialized curriculum and practical curriculum for Filipino students, in addition to the existing English language education for foreigners. In addition, I would like to help more Philippine students learn advanced education through human exchange and exchange of various educational programs with Korea and advanced foreign universities.

Going forward, GITC will continue to make efforts to develop society through global human resources development.

Green International Technical College!

Chairperson: Jeff Choi

President's message!

Choi Hoyong


Dear Everyone,

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to all the students who have chosen Green International Technical College (GITC) as their school of choice.
We take great pride in our deep commitment to providing high quality teaching to our students and ensuring that their time at GITC prepares them to meet the challenges of the future.
The staff and instructors at our institution understand the importance of creating an atmosphere which can help realize one’s potential. With the proper guidance from our experienced and knowledgeable teachers, we know we can achieve this aim.
Here at GITC, our students have the chance to interact and form lasting friendships with students coming from different countries and from diverse backgrounds.
It is our desire that every student leaves GITC with good memories of their time here. We want every student to feel that studying at our institution is a rewarding and worthwhile opportunity.
We look forward to making sure that studying here at GITC is a rich learning experience.


Odette Rio

Odette Rio